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Live a Happier,
Fuller life!

Are you struggling with how to deal with issues with a significant other, family or friends on your own?


Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you having difficulty breaking old and destructive patterns?


Are you battling uncertainty about career choices or are you stuck in an unrewarding job?


Are feelings of unhappiness and worry getting in the way of achieving your goals?


Have you tried to solve these issues on your own without success?


... Maybe this is the time to talk to a therapist who has experience, training and knowledge to help you resolve your problems.


Clio Garland has over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience. She has developed the expertise and sensitivity to help people with a multitude of complicated issues.

She will build on the positive aspects of your life and relationships and develop strategies to address the problems you are experiencing. The result will be less stress and more fulfillment.

This approach has proven results for over 30 years with clients of various backgrounds and in every stage of life and with all kinds of problems.


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